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"Interviews are Nerve-Racking"

No matter how many times you've gone through it, the thought of being interviewed can still make you feel nervous. Just remember, it's also hard to be an interviewer.

"What makes a great Interview?"


Be fully prepared


Study the job profile and get to know the company before your interview. Learn what kind of person the position needs. Keep in mind the company's principles, core values and goals while evaluating every potential employee.

Make sure you have a list of good questions to ask at the end. Let the client know that you are interested in the company, product and people.

Pacing is important

A great interview sounds just like any other engaging conversation. Communicate with the interviewer properly and take time to think about your next answer.

Be Friendly

Interviews are gruelling enough. Lighten the mood by maintaining a warm tone and listening to your interviewer intently.

Answer Thruthfully

If you're applying for a job, you've got to be honest about yourself and your background. 


Let the interviewer know your strong points, but be truthful when they ask about your weak points.

Everyone's trying to sound impressive. Your best bet is to be as honest and genuine as you can possibly be.

Don't oversell yourself

Remember that if you're going to be hired, you'll have to prove everything you said in your interview. It's best to be honest about your skills so they have a clear picture of how you can contribute to the company.

Be grateful for the opportunity.


Being turned down doesn't dictate your worth as an employee. Turn this into a learning opportunity and do something different if necessary in a future interview. Sometimes it is just not to be, please remember that every interview is a great learning opportunity.

Stay true to yourself

In the span of your career, you will be given plenty of opportunities to express yourself. Put your best foot forward and show why you are great person to work with.

Enjoy yourself

Take the opportunity to learn something new. If you come across as interested and engaged it does go along way!

Cannot attend?

It is vital that you let the recruiter/ company know that you cannot make the interview as soon as possible.

To review our online interview tips guide, please click here

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